Our Team

Vikram Naik Nimbalkar

Vikram, a seasoned professional with an impressive 25-year journey in Facility Management, brings a wealth of experience from esteemed MNCs like GE India, Loreal, Atlas Copco, Honeywell and many more. Wearing many hats, Vikram is not just an expert; he's the visionary behind TaraMitra Drone Academy.
In the early stages, Vikram shared the dream of TaraMitra Drone Academy, giving us some sleepless nights, but his unwavering support and abundant resources turned that dream into reality. With a meticulous eye for detail, Vikram has crafted the infrastructure at TaraMitra Drone Academy, reflecting his commitment to the highest standards.
Vikram's commitment doesn't stop there – he's always pushing boundaries, striving for evolution, adaptation, and elevating standards across every facet of the company.

Pooja Naik Nimbalkar
Accountable Manager

Pooja, our accountable manager, brings more than 12 years of experience in the adventure tourism sector to her role. She is entrusted with ensuring the seamless functioning of the RPTO from top to bottom. Pooja is renowned for her sincerity, dedication, and strong work ethics. Holding certifications as both a Remote Pilot and Pemote Pilot Instructor, she strives to establish the RPTO as a leading benchmark within the drone industry.

Mitrajeet Naik Nimbalkar
Remote Pilot Instructor

A team-oriented mindset, charming personality and clever wit, our youngest instructor Mitrajeet, aims to utilise his training and education to train future remote pilots. He possesses a strong desire to contribute to the field and share his knowledge with aspiring professionals while his focus is on using his skills to shape and guide the next generation of remote pilots.

Parnavi Naik Nimbalkar
Remote Pilot Instructor

Parnavi, confident and an ambitious young woman, developed a deep passion for drones when she attended the Dubai Expo in 2021. It was there that she caught a glimpse of the future and recognized the immense potential it held. Equipped with an MBA in business analytics, Parnavi is determined to infuse excitement into the learning process. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to train pilots whose dreams are as grand as her own.

Ajinkya Chavan
Maintenance Engineer

Meet Ajinkya, our Drone Guru! He's the go-to person for all things drone-related and keeps our fleet in top-notch shape. Ajinkya doesn’t just make sure that the drones work perfectly but he also holds the Remote Pilot Certificate and once in a while you will find him doing complex manoeuvres with his favourite drone. At TaraMitra Drone Academy Ajinkya makes sure our drones are the best they can be.

Baby T
Chief of Mischief

Meet the littlest member of our team who brings out the biggest smiles!
Once in a while you will find Baby T at the academy spreading joy, laughter with a sprinkle of chaos.
Our chief’s workstation is wherever the mischief happens! Whether it's the classroom, the cafeteria, or even the passageway. Her best friends at the academy are Cleo and Clied - two little pups who are her partners in crime.